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Every day, leading firms find opportunities and refine their strategies with Inframation. The world‘s leading advisors, corporates, developers and investors rely on us to drive their origination processes and generate new business.
We are the only news and data source in the infrastructure market which gives institutional investors the best of both worlds: extensive data on principal investing, with comprehensive coverage of asset sales and strategic moves by investors, alongside market-leading coverage of fundraising and LP commitments. Our proprietary intelligence on fundraising, combined with our database of funds and institutional investors, enable institutionals to understand the ever-changing dynamics of the infrastructure investment landscape and make better informed investment decisions as a result.
We power opportunity for corporates and developers by identifying potential projects at the earliest possible stage through our team of expert journalists. Our best-in-class transactions coverage and database of investors streamline the process of tracking the activities of rival bidders and potential strategic partners. We are the infrastructure market’s trusted source for accurate data on debt pricing and asset valuations, saving corporates time and effort in finding reliable information for benchmarking and analysis.
Our targeted, early-stage news on deals and fundraising puts relevant opportunities at the fingertips of bankers by identifying potential transactions and market entrants before any other news source. Our database platforms save bankers time, producing the pricing and valuation trend data they need at the click of a button. We drive business growth through the market’s most comprehensive database on financial sponsors and their strategic intentions, giving lenders the information they need to proactively approach prospective clients and maintain existing relationships.
Every day financial advisors depend upon Inframation’s news and data to provide insights which they use to win mandates. Our early stage intelligence about upcoming deals and the strategic intentions of sponsors give advisors the cutting edge and enable them to pitch for business early. We save advisors time and effort by providing an extensive repository of data on infrastructure deals and the market-leading database on investor activity. Our Advisors tab and industry standard League Tables facilitate instantaneous, customised comparisons with other firms for extensive competitor analysis and marketing purposes
Inframation drives opportunities for insurance firms by informing them about upcoming projects and the activities of their clients before the information is available anywhere else. Because we combine our exclusive intelligence on procurement and bid team selection with the market’s most comprehensive deal data, insurance firms routinely rely on us to provide them with lists of potential clients to target.
Legal advisors rely on our market-leading intelligence to track new and existing clients and discover potential mandates before the details of a deal become public knowledge. We power opportunity for law firms with intuitive tools for identifying market trends and inferring the strategic intentions of investors. Our Advisors tab and industry standard League Tables facilitate instantaneous, customised comparisons with other firms for extensive competitor analysis and marketing purposes.
Inframation enables funds to find investment opportunities and make better-informed business decisions with our exclusive intelligence on potential asset sales and comprehensive reports on fundraising. Our Transactions tab delivers the valuation and benchmarking data funds need when assessing a potential acquisition, whether investing in debt or equity. Our investor data provides funds with unrivalled insight into the LPs, investments and strategic intentions of other sponsors, helping Investor Relations teams to identify and better target fundraising efforts. Our extensive advisor profiling streamlines the process of selecting advisors by displaying firms and individuals with relevant sector and jurisdictional experience at the click of a button.
We give technical advisors a competitive edge by telling them about potential projects, asset sales and refinancings before anyone else. Our detailed investor profiles provide unparalleled insight into the sources of capital, performance, portfolios, past activities and strategic intentions of investors, enabling advisors to track potential and existing clients more easily than ever. Our extensive database of financial transactions arms lenders technical advisors with the in-depth benchmarking information they need to accurately assess regional and market trends for specific assets.
Our global coverage of the market, powered by expert journalists and analysts, delivers unrivalled value to public institutions seeking to understand the wider investment landscape in infrastructure. Regular analyses of regulatory changes and the project pipeline in each market, including detailed case studies, enable policymakers to analyse the dynamics of infrastructure investment in a diverse range of comparable jurisdictions.

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